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Welcome to the Cajun - Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Lab (C-ICME)

The C-ICME Lab is interested in integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) including development of integrated multi-scale approaches to design of high performance metal alloys. Our research involves the development of advanced materials characterization techniques such as electrostatic levitation (ESL) as well as the experimental validation and integration of simulation methods including calculation of phase diagram (CALPHAD) analysis, classical molecular dynamics, phase field models, and continuum mechanics. This research has been conducted in support of design and optimization of materials and processes with applications in advanced manufacturing (laser based additive manufacturing), aerospace, biomedical, and energy systems. Characterization and simulation of as-built additively built materials include nickel based superalloys for aerospace applications as well as aluminum based alloys in support of in-space manufacturing.

jonathan raush, ben bernard
C-ICME Lab Director Dr. Jonathan Raush (Left) and Graduate Researcher Benjamin Bernard (Right) discuss tensile test experimentation 
Ben Bernard, Neil Sand
Graduate Researchers Ben Bernard (Left) and Neil Sand (Right) make adjustments to the ESL


Tanvir Faisal
Dr. Tanvir Faisal of the 4M Lab prepares SLA printed nasal swabs

COVID-19 Relief



The C-ICME Lab, 4M Lab and The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Engineering Department assisted in providing nasal swabs and face shields for Lafayette General Medical Center over the Summer of 2020. 


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